How to Get Your Kid Fitted For Junior Golf Clubs

Whenever you read the iconic story of Tiger Woods, which part catches your utmost attention? The part that talked about how the little boy did wonders with his junior golf club in major golf competitions? Or how he was increasingly improving to become a master of golf clubs on the course? I bet you will like to see your kid using his or her little golf club to create wonders.

How to Get Your Kid Fitted For Junior Golf Clubs

This fact might be more interesting to you. Your kid can play the game of golf, as well as adults can play. Yes. He or she can have a perfect grip on the golf club, aim accurately and make sensational swings, and still standing comfortably in the correct position on the course. Don’t doubt the possibility. It all depends on how well they have mastered the use of their golf clubs.

Meanwhile, having control over a golf club is not exclusive to constant practice. A kid would not develop the motivation to practice consistently if he or she does not find satisfaction in his or her golf club. As well, satisfaction comes from playing with the right golf club. click here to learn about How to Fix Golf Club Face Issues.

So, where does it start? – Golf club fitting.

Are you confused? Now, let me elaborate. 

Golf club fitting is a process in which a fitter determines which golf club would help a player to optimize his or her performance, consistency, and feel. In this process, the professional fitter would consider all design features of a golf club, including the length, loft, lie, weight, swing, shaft flex, material, and more.

All that for a kid? Yes. It is more than necessary if you want your child to follow the correct route and become a Tiger Woods (or even greater) tomorrow. 

Having understood the importance of getting your child fitted for his or her golf club, let’s go ahead discuss ‘how.’

How to get your kid fitted for junior golf clubs

You may consider this information unnecessary since you are not a professional club fitter. That’s fine. However, this guide aims to enlighten you on how you can Do-It-Yourself without paying an expert. 

From experience, it is better as a parent to know how to help your young golfer maximize their game. Why? It will help you to take a dual responsibility of a parent and a coach simultaneously. I don’t think that would be too hectic. Junior golfers need that to step up their game faster.

Now to the business.

Choosing the right golf club for your child requires knowing some details and accurate information about your child. Since you are looking for a perfect golf club that suits your child’s game, you need to be precise in the choosing process. As it is wrong to buy a shirt for your 3-year-old kid just because it has a ‘for 3-year-old baby’ tag on it, so it is with golf clubs.

So, what are the essential things to observe when choosing the right golf club for your kid? They are as follows:

Age of your child

If you don’t know, those junior golf clubs you see on the rack are categorized based on age differences. So, even as there are junior golf clubs for kids’ tag on it, not all are still perfect for your kid. Some are for junior golfers between the ages of 3 – 7, some are 7 – 10, and the categories go on like that. 

Mind you; your child might fall into the age bracket and yet not fit for the golf club. How do I mean? Let’s take this, for instance. If you gather three children of the same age, you will discover that there’s a difference in their body structure, height, the shape of the hands, and more.

That means the three might be of the same age, but the same cloth cannot fit them perfectly. If that is clear enough to you, you already understand the principles of selecting a golf club for a kid by age.  

You will agree with me that after getting a golf club that fits your child’s age, you need to consider other factors before deciding to purchase the club. And that leads us to the next point. 


Your child’s height will determine the length of the golf club that will fit his or her game. So, after you might have picked a club based on age, check if the length of the golf club matches the height of your child. A long club works best for a tall child, while a short kid will play perfectly with a short club. 

The reason is that if the golf club is too long for your child, he or she would have to choke down on the club. It is automatic. And when that happens, it may debar your child from making a good swing.


The build of your child has a considerable impact on choosing the right golf club for him or her. Though not many people take note of this critical fact, it sure matters. 

Golf clubs differ in weight. If you check a line of products from the same manufacturer, you will feel the difference in your hand. 

Now, both heavyweight and lightweight clubs are helpful. But, it depends on the body mass of the child that will handle it in practice. Suppose your child has more body mass; it best for you to choose a long and weightier golf club. However, if he or she has a typical athletic body, make sure you buy a lighter weight club. 

Note that fitting a child for a golf club based on age alone does not bring accurate results due to differences in weights and heights. 

How to Get Your Kid Fitted For Junior Golf Clubs


Playing with the right golf club is a central key to any junior golfer’s success on the course. Don’t forget that children need more motivation to keep practicing and play consistently. And, the best way to achieve that is to buy a golf club that will make the game easier, comfortable, and more enjoyable. That is a good reason you should make sure you get a custom-fit golf club for your child.